About us

A family company

Firstly, we’re a local family company, meaning the traditional values of respect and integrity won’t be eroded away for the sake of growth. At the same time, we’re constantly evolving so that we stay at the forefront of best practice within our industry.

Our own home

We like coming to work and hope that you enjoy coming to our work. Our goal is to make you feel like you are a guest in our own homes, meaning that good hospitality and a warm reception should be on your list of expectations of us. Once here, you’ll find our team knowledgeable, professional, and ready to help you on all levels of your driving needs.

Our Community Commitment

We’re committed to development. This means that we distribute 10% of our profits to worthwhile causes both locally and globally.

"I liked Iain and Philip Petersen's relaxed manner and no heavy handed sales tactics. I was told all that I needed to know and felt everyone was very honest. I was able to take in all the information and did not feel panicked. The deal was straight forward with no messing around. Everything was ordered and it arrived within 1 week, brilliant! "

- Kim Harper, Swift, Bangor 21/05/12