Flexible and friendly

Driving is almost unavoidable today and it therefore needs to be affordable. Philip Petersen's continuing growth in Northern Ireland's motor industry is precisely because it makes driving both affordable and efficient. We are able to do this because we provide tailor made financial solutions to enable you to get on the road and stay on the road.

Finance comes in various shapes and sizes but in general Hire Purchase and Personal Contract Purchase are the popular options. However, we would be happy to look at other options should you want to explore another method of purchasing a car.

Hire purchase

This is the normal, easy, and established approach to purchasing a car.

  • You pay an initial deposit and the balance is repaid with fixed, equal monthly payments.
  • You choose the length of time over which payments are made. At the end of 1 to 5 years you become the owner of the vehicle.
  • You can change your car at any point in the agreement. A settlement figure is arrived at and interest charges are saved.


  • You are borrowing against the car, leaving the opportunity to borrow from the bank in case of unexpected future expense in other areas of your life.
  • You know exactly how much you need to pay per month allowing you to manage your finances easier.
  • You can take out very competitive optional Payment Protection for peace of mind should you be physically unable to make the payments.
  • You are using Philip Petersen's well established finance buying power.

Personal Contract Purchase

Suzuki provide PCP options. This method of buying a car was developed in the US and continues to be the most popular way of buying a car there.


  • You can enjoy shorter change cycles by having a new car every two to three years.
  • It typically allows you a newer or better spec car than you would otherwise be able to afford.
  • You can expect lower monthly payments (than higher purchase) which are fixed.
  • When you buy the car, it will have a guaranteed minimum future value after the agreed time period.
  • You have a range of choices at the end of the agreement. 1. Walk away and hand the car back 2. Pay the value of the car off and keep it 3. Hand the car back and enter a new PCP on a newer vehicle.

"Stuart. Friendly, considerate and professional."

- Jim Bailie