Philip Petersen Service Centre

All makes. All models

We realised that many were complimenting us on our quality of customer service, workmanship, and all at considerably lower prices than main dealers. For this reason, we’ve upscaled our capacity and are now truly multi-franchise All Makes and All Models.

We aim to provide you with your most pleasurable, cost-efficient servicing experience to date.

Your warranty protected

A change in the law in 2003 (in technical jargon it’s called Block Exemption)means that you no longer have to take your car to a main dealer for your servicing. Using the Philip Petersen Service Centre ensures that your warranty is protected.

We inspect and advise, but you choose the work you want done.

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Benefits we offer

  • We will check your car, give you honest assessment, but you decide on the work that you want done.
  • You will understand everything we say, as we aim, always, to demystify the issues so that you're always in the clear. 
  • Should you choose to wait for your car, you can watch it being worked on from our workshop gallery window.
  • The manufacturers service schedule is followed on every service.
  • Your service book will always be stamped.
  • Your warranty will be protected at all times.
  • All of our mechanics and technicians are multi-franchised trained.
  • All parts and labour are guaranteed for one year.
  • We use the latest multi-franchise diagnostic equipment.
  • Our customer services are always on hand to assist you.
  • Free MOT check.
  • Access to our free wifi cafe with newspapers and HD television while you wait.
  • OR enjoy a complimentary lift to Bloomfields or Sainsbury’s while you wait.

"I recently bought a new Suzuki from Philip Petersen, and can truly say that I couldn't be happier with the service I received. The dealer - Michael - knew exactly what was right for me, and I was truly surprised at the affordability of their offers. I couldn't have imagined a better deal. I can hardly believe I've been able to drive away my first new car! Michael was very attentive, and made everything clear to me as we went through. I was able to test-drive the car, and I was shown all of its workings so that I felt comfortable driving it away. I couldn't have wished for a friendlier, more accommodating, or straightforward experience of buying a car. "

- Erin Halliday, Bangor